What we do for the protection of the environment

Abhika is aware that the daily actions of each of us have an impact on the environment. This awareness is with us every day, to help improving the way we work and build a sustainable future.

A list of our precautions:

- We use the same packaging for the shipment of materials for trade exhibitions up to 7 times.

- We pack the goods for our customers' orders on wooden pallets and protect them with recycled paper and cardboard to reduce the waste of other materials with high environmental impact such as stamped plastic and PVC. We use pressed cardboard corners to build the transport crates of our custom-made chandeliers.

- We design and build our stands with materials that can be used an infinite number of times to avoid using disposable materials and a consequent unnecessary waste.

- Our heating system for showrooms and warehouses is underfloor and spreads the heat evenly and constantly. This was chosen to minimize active consumption and are in operation only for a limited period in the year from mid-October to mid-March. The cooling system, on the other hand, works from May to August only in our offices and the showroom and is set at a temperature of 24 degrees, active only during working hours and days.

- Doors and windows are energy efficient to avoid heat loss. Our windows are coated with high energy saving films that guarantee lower consumption for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer.

- We use low consumption light bulbs.

- We rent special bins from certified companies to dispose our  waste and packaging, broken items and the general waste of consumable materials such as paper, plastic, ceramic, wood and metal. The recycling and valorisation processes of the recovered material is controlled with keen attention to the traceability of the flows. You can find the companies we use at the bottom of this list.

- Our company is registered with the bodies in charge on the national and international territory and we pay contributions for the disposal of electrical equipment, hardware, packaging.

- We properly recycle obsolete IT equipment, toner, bulbs and batteries.

- We promote the constant involvement of our employees in corporate values organising special meetings on the ethics of recycling, the conscious use of water, electricity and gas. We also recommend a healthy lifestyle, free from smoking and with the utmost respect for nature. For this purpose, the company reports the names of bodies specialized in environmental recovery and protection to which you can also donate.

- We recycle paper, plastic, cardboard, glass, toner cartridges in our offices.

- We use recycled paper for the tissues dispenser in bathrooms.

- We monitor water / gas / electricity consumption to help reduce consumption.

- We purchase organic and environmentally friendly cleaning products in bulk to clean environments.

- We dispose of the coffee capsules in special recycling centers.

- We prefer to use public transport such as trains and buses for our business trips.

- We promote the purchase of recycled goods, and also fruit and vegetables with minimal packaging.

- We use local and organic products for drinks and snacks both in our bar and in the vending machines.

- We empower and inform on issues related to environmental protection.

- We set up the control systems of the lighting and heating / cooling systems to operate only during working hours.

- Our headquarters are located in the industrial area of Santa Maria di Sala, on the National road 47 which quickly connects Venice airport and Padua station and therefore facilitates both public and private transport for customers wishing to visit the our showroom.

- Meals and the restaurant service we offer to our guests includes vegetarian and vegan menus. We prefer the use of local products and drinks in glass bottles. We dispose used cooking oil at the appropriate centres and we exclude any use of disposable materials such as plates, cutlery or plastic cups.

This is just the beginning, but we hope to do much more in the future!


The recycling company we work with is Trevisana Ecologia

It is our desire to focus your attention to the MAREVIVO environmental association. This association is aimed to protect the environment through concrete events and gestures in everyday life, for information and donations click the following link: http://www.marevivo.it/